School Activity Days

Our one-day school programmes can be a great way to give your class a gentle introduction into the great outdoors as a one-off, or become a regular part of your school week.

We can provide:
  • One-day teambuilding workshops in your school; which is ideal for year sevens or any group that needs a little extra bonding or would benefit by working on their on communication and teamwork skills.
  • Off-site rock climbing, abseiling or hill walking; Great for charity challenges, development opportunities, or to allow your pupils to choose rock climbing or hill walking for GCSE or A level Physical Education!
  • Canoeing sessions in either half day or full day at local venues. This is an ideal way to bring OAA into the curriculum, and can also cover GCSE and A level PE syllabi.

We can either work with a single group all day, or if we provide an on-site event we can work with several classes thoughout the day; maximising the potential for your students.

We can either run the events during standard school hours, or at a time to suit you. From only £15 per person per day, its definitely worth chatting to us to see how we can help you and give you a free no-obligation quotation.