Forest schools

What's it all about?

Forest schools are about engaging children in learning through nature. It's about allowing children to learn about environmental responsibility through active use of woodland resources.

Our forest school sessions aim to:
  • Allow participants freedom to explore and learn at their own pace
  • Create an atmosphere where it's okay to be yourself
  • Develop self esteem and social skills
  • Engage participants in the national curriculum without the pressures of the classroom environment
  • Inspire young people to understand the beauty and importance of the natural world and how to look after it

Where can we take part?

If you're lucky enough to have woodland or an appropriate area within your school grounds, we'd be delighted to come directly to you. If these facilities aren't available on site, don't worry; we can help you find a local woodland that is convenient to the school and assist in liaising with land owners and any other individuals or organisations concerned.

Please contact us for a quote and availability.